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Oakley Frogskins Sunday

(Limited Series)

The Oakley Sunday is special because created from collaboration between Oakley and Sunday bike. Oakley Sunday come with four legged frogs by the way, which means they come with two sets of arms, so that you can switch them up into more convectional blue/red, blue/blue or red/red for its arms. Its very exciting to work with such a progressive for Oakley Frogskins Sunday. Cheapest Oakley in Malaysia definitely you can find only here.

RM 150

Frogskins Sunday
Complete set. (Actual picture)

Frogskins Sunday (1)
Front view with extra 2 frog legged.

Frogskins Sunday (2)
Upper side angle view, for Frogskins Sunday.

Frogskins Sunday (5)
Side view for Oakley Frogskins Sunday. (Special series from frogskins family).

Frogskins Sunday (6)
Back/Rear view. Nice touch from Oakley.
Frogskins Sunday (7)
Hinge view for these Oakley Frogskins Sunday.

Frogskins Sunday (4)

Frogskins Sunday (3)
Frame: White with X-Changeable Arm
Lens: Red Iridium
Size: 55 [] 17

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