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Wayfarer Folding 5A

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding
(RB 4105)

Wayfarer high grade quality Original Grade. These model 4104 fordable as same construction with 2140 model, its frame made of acetate, lens polycarbonate, and can be folded its arm and bridge for make it small and easy to keep. This wayfarer RB4105 also known as wayfarer folding or wayfarer foldable is an evolution of from Ray ban Wayfarer 2140 original idea by Ray-ban. Fordable made it more easy to carry and even can put inside your pocket!!! Include complete set, wayfarer casing leather (square shape) refer picture below, manual care, tag and soft cloth printing Ray ban. Try it, feel it you must look confident by wearing its.
100% guaranteed satisfied.

RM 140

Retail: RM120
Agen: RM90 (tiada min)

Folding Casing COMBINE

Align Center

Wayfarer Folding RB4105
(Black Shinning)

Folding Black Shinning FRAME
Wayfarer Folding Black Shinning

Folding Black Shinning (Marking)
</font><font style=
Frame: Black Shining
Lens: Crystal Green
Size: 50[]22 (M)
         54[]22 (L)

Wayfarer Folding RB4105
(Black Matte)

Folding Black Matte FRAME
Folding Black Matte COMBINE

Folding Black Matte (Marking)
Folding Black Matte COMBINE MARKING
Frame: Black Matte
Lens: Crystal Green
Size: 50[]22 (M)

Wayfarer Folding RB4105


Wayfarer Folding Tortoise
Wayfarer Foding Tortoise

Folding Tortoise (Marking)
Wayfarer Folding Tortoise
Frame: Tortoise
Lens: Brown
Size: 50[]22 (M)

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